Still terrified….Part 2

my anxieties have anxieties

So as the weeks passed, my anxiety didn’t seem to fade and professional experience was looming.  Amidst the flurry of late nights, assignments, deadlines, blog posts and readings, I could still hear the faint whisper of professional experience getting just a little bit louder every day.  I emailed the school I had been placed with, and sent an email introducing myself with a nice photo and a little story about who I am and my educational experiences, thinking that connecting with my mentor would help ease the stress, however… reply.

And I think this was the thing that tipped me…not getting a reply from the school, when this was the biggest thing going on in my life right now (aside from preparing to give birth-haha) was deflating.

I had a million concerns, questions, fears….I needed to talk to someone about it.

So I discovered that every student has a Liason officer, and after a lovely email from them introducing themselves to let me know they were here to help, I shared my worries.  And I can tell you it was the best thing I could have done.  This person listened and acknowledged my concerns.  This person passed on my email to the appropriate people asking for a practical solution for me, and within days action followed.  I should have enlisted his help a lot sooner.

I felt like Kat must have felt when she got a text from her mentor as she described in her post….it made her feel so much better about getting ready for prac….

So, in a way I felt like I was finally having a win too.

They say “a problem shared is a problem halved”…Have you ever felt like you needed some extra HELP with something, and when you were finally brave enough to ask for it, then you received the answers you were seeking?  Speaking up really does change everything….especially when you get in touch with the right person  🙂  I strongly suggest getting in touch with USQ Student Services if you feel you need to talk to someone about your course.

Farnsey sums it up very nicely I think…….enjoy 🙂


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